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For the last two months I have experienced a headache which for me is very unusual as I'm the kind of person that will normally have one for a day, take something and then feel better. Also been having body jerks, tremors and blurry eyes. Finally got an MRI and it's all just inflammation in the sinus above my eyebrow.

I had seriously spent the last few weeks resigned to the idea I had a brain tumour was was doomed to die within the next two years (I have had a blood aunty and uncle die from this). I have probably just spent $1000 or so to find this out but my sanity is work every cent.

Coming home to Australia in just over two weeks. Normally when I have been on a long trip I am really depressed about coming home and returning to normality but I am actually really excited to come home. Not that I haven't had a good time I just miss my friends and family.
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Submitted on
December 19, 2013