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Let's start with the good things because it's nice to start positive :)

* Got a new job teaching adults in the city for two days every week.
* Adults don't constantly call out or make fun of each other so I don't have to waste half the lesson on behaviour management yay!
* At my new job we follow a textbook so it is less organisation for me and we mark together so it's also less marking woot!
* I like teaching because I get to wear pretty yet professional outfits (It's the little things in life).
* Today I was in a high school and one year 9 girl said I look like Nicole Kidman.
* Little kids sometimes give nice compliments ("You're pretty", "Your nice", "Thank you for being my teacher").
* I taught year 11 and year 9 maths today and feel very clever because I can still simplify algebra.
e.g. (x + 7) (x + 1)
      (x + 7) (x + 1) = x(x + 1) + 7(x + 1)
                           = x squared (I don't know which computer button is squared) + 1x + 7x + 7
                           = x squared + 8x + 7
* Some kids give me a little hope for humanity.
* When I get that kid who never does work or struggles to succeed it's a nice feeling.
* When I get that well behaved class I really enjoy teaching.
* I like playing word and maths games with students.
* Casual teaching pays well.
* Holidays.

Ta daaa!

The bad (Warning Rant approaching)
* Many kids always tease each other today one kid called another a fat bitch and then the girl next to him slapped him for saying such a thing about another person but the slapping itself was not good either. 
* Many kids tease and bully the teachers too. I had kids try to make fun of my name, repeat things I say in stupid voices and I'm pretty sure one poked his tongue at me.
*I want to teach not spend almost whole lessons controlling behaviour. I did not study so long to tell people who to act civil all day.
*many have no respect. I tell them to stop doing something and they look at me and then keep doing it.
* Many won't follow simple instructions. I had to ask a year 9 science class 5 times to open their books and then sadly had to resort to walking around the classroom and asking them individually to do so.
* As a casual I never know if I'm doing the right thing by what I do and don't report. Some things look bad initially but then the kids involved are laughing and chatting together within seconds of it happening so I assume there was no harm done but then I reflect and think maybe I should have reported it…..
* Even adults can be annoying and I have to tell them over and over to put away their mobile phones.
* Kids have mobile phones too (need I say more?).
* By the lack of respect many kids show I have serious concerns for humanity.

Hmmm in summary. Happy about new job. Not enjoying every casual teaching day. Seriously considering working at nice shop like Alannah Hill for 3 days a week once I have saved up a bit. 
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Submitted on
April 2, 2014