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Guy I've been talking to on a dating website suggests coffee.
I say OK I might be able to do Thursday avo if I'm not working but would have to let him know on the day (which he said he was fine with) or I could do Saturday.
Thursday rolls around I'm working so I message in the morning saying I'm working but maybe we could try for Saturday.
He says that's Ok he had plans for Thursday anyway and says he will let me know later about Saturday……well it's 7.42pm Saturday night and no phone call. . I can see he has been on the dating website again today (a few times) as it tells me when people were last online so I know he hasn't been in a situation where he couldn't access technology and let me know if he couldn't do today.  Oh well would have never worked anyway he has never seen Lord of the Rings or Star Wars (as a nerd I find his lack of scifi interest disturbing lol).  Will be interesting to see if he does message again. I seriously don't think we'd have much in common anyway but if he's worked that out and decided against meeting it would have been polite to tell me!  I was worried he may call when I went out shopping with my sister and even considered not going as I was expecting to go out this avo (thankfully I went out!). Good thing too as I scored a pretty new handbag that was 70% off :)

I have far-fetched but plausible theory as to why he didn't call (other than the pretty standard he just wasn't that into me). Yesterday I was with my mother and niece and we walked past a guy on his mobile phone who I had to do a double take of as he looked like the photo of the guy I had been chatting to. He sort of looked at me like he was trying to work out if he knew me for a second too. It is possible that he thinks I was hiding the fact I am an unemployed single mother to him (as it was a weekday and my niece looks like she could be mine). I can tell you now if I was a single mother I would tell people! lol If it was him I didn't find him that attractive anyway (yes that's petty but I don't care right now *evil laughter*).
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Submitted on
April 5, 2014